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The British are coming — to Kansas!

Leavenworth found itself overrun this week by British Army officers:

Tactical forces were moved in, and soldiers took their positions outside schools and churches preparing to isolate the terrorist activity.

While it may have been a fictional enemy in theory, for visiting officers with the United Kingdom’s Intermediate Command and Staff Course who were roaming the streets of Leavenworth, the tactical solutions they used to end the threats were real.

I don’t suggest that we’re in imminent danger of being policed by the British military, but this was an eyebrow-raiser. Fort Leavenworth hosts newly-minted British majors twice a year for training exercises.

Now, keep in mind (put on your foil hat) that USNORTHCOM and Canada Command have entered into a “civil assistance plan” that allows for the deployment of Canadian soldiers on American soil in emergencies. Canada and England share a sovereign.


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