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Spamming blogs on the taxpayers’ dime

A couple days ago, I posted a response to the picture I posted of the Che Guevera flag at Barack Obama’s Houston campaign office. A regular at the Daily Kos, Hesiod, took offense and called me a dumbass.

This morning Target Rich Environment informed me that he was also on the receiving end of the Hesiod’s nearly identical (and misspelled) rant — and he discovered that Hesiod uses a pseudonym for a very good reason:

Typically I erase comments that revert to namecalling, because it removes any sense of debate, but because this one did on the State of Michigan’s already taxed resources, I’ll leave it there in case I have any readers from Michigan wondering what their tax dollars are doing during the day.

That’s right, a quick check of Hesiod’s IP address shows that he must devote a good bit of time posting to his blog — and trolling the web to leave comments at blogs like WoMD, Target Rich Environment, and at least two others that disagree with his politics — from a computer at the state of Michigan’s Department of Management & Budget.

A long “gotcha!” post isn’t necessary. Suffice it to say that with a $1 billion budget deficit, Michigan’s taxpayers should expect more from their DMB than pro-Obama campaigning in the blogosphere.

Besides, it seems that the woman featured in the original TV news story that started the flap does, in fact, have some official connection to Obama’s campaign, the senator’s denials notwithstanding. Here is Maria Isabel’s bio at the official Barack Obama website.

Oh, and in light of the revelation that Sen. Obama quoted Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s “Just Words” speech, we should remember the man who first made famous Obama’s campaign slogan, “Yes, we can”: Che Guevera.

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