Obamanauts worried about ‘Che-Flag-Gate’


Yeah, that’s a stupid name for the flap, but it’s a stupid story.

Hesiod at Daily Kos, however, thinks it could be trouble:

I am sure I will get another round of dismissive, condescending comments about continuing to raise this issue, but the sad fact is that it’s is not going away. If anything, it is starting to become a problem for Obama.

While I consider Sen. Obama’s response rather lame, it’s true that he can’t control what every one of his volunteers does. Holding his feet to the fire for this makes as much sense as the left’s criticism of Ron Paul because some of his supporters are white supremacists.

However. What the media should address is Sen. Obama’s continued membership in the congregation of black separatist pastor Jeremiah Wright. That’s a voluntary association and Sen. Obama should be held to account.

Members of Osama’s growing legion — dare I say ‘cult following’? — don’t see it that way, however, and go out of their way (like this blog, which is way off the beaten blogosphere path) to defend their idol.

It’s getting creepy. Even liberal writers like ABC’s Jake Tapper, Jonathan Stein at Mother Jones, TIME’s Joe Klein, and Timothy Noah at Slate have noticed (click here for an example of his ‘Obama Messiah Watch’, a periodic tongue-in-cheek series examining the evidence that Obama is the son of God).

The funny thing about the obvious double standard in the American media is that it’s biting Hillary Clinton as well as conservatives. She’s discovered that she and Bill have to be very careful in how they campaign against Sen. Obama because any criticism deemed too harsh is labeled racist.

Irony is delicious. Enjoy it while it lasts, conservatives.

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