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The Daily Kos takes note of WoMD

One of the Kos crew, Hesiod, has a hissy because I posted the photo from Obama’s Houston office. You know, this one:

Che Flag

Hesiod writes:

And, the last people who should be casting “guilt by association stones” are rightwing idiots such as yourself. John McCain has a lot of extremely wacky and questionable supporters.

I understand the desperation behind this dumbass attack on Obama. But, please, don’t convinvce yourself that you aren’t a dumbass for pushing it. You are one.

Put down the Kool-Aid and back slowly away.

Read the caption. Did I accuse Sen. Obama of anything? I posted the picture and asked a question.

Hesiod is obviously too busy scouring obscure blogs — although WoMD’s daily readership has surged into double digits lately — for criticism of Obama to actually read anything I’ve written about McCain or anything else. John McCain is a dangerously unbalanced man and I do not want him as president of the United States.

Besides, the excuse from Obama’s camp — “This is a volunteer office that is not in any way controlled by the Obama campaign” — is the same lame backtracking we got from Ron Paul over his newsletters.

Even so, I’m not as disturbed by that flag as I am by Sen. Obama’s association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Let’s see him distance himself from his pastor’s racist, Afrocentric views — not that the major media will press him on it.

Besides, Hes, my guess is that if this really is a “swift boat” op, it’s coming from Hillary, not the GOP.

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