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Obama now leads Hillary in delegates after winning big in the areas that surround Hillary’s second home for the last 15 years, Washington, D.C. As we watched Hillary’s stage-managed campaign appearance in El Paso while the returns came in last night (couldn’t help but think of Wag The Dog when the little boy in traditional Mexican garb handed her the bouquet — “it’s a little dog … they rub meat on Schumann’s cuff, the dog runs to him…”), I finally began to sense the momentum shift that breathless pundits have been proclaiming since the weekend primaries.

When Obama took the stage in Madison, Wisconsin, I was sure — this man can win.

I disagree with Sen. Obama’s position on many issues, but there is no denying that the man can do the “vision thing”. The contrast between his uplifting oratory and Hillary’s rehearsed, stale stump speech was sharp: She’s old news, part of the problem, and he’s — well, he’s this generation’s Jack Kennedy.

And then CNN cut away to John McCain addressing his supporters in Virginia. Good night! From an auditorium full of young, energetic, enthusiastic supporters to the 71-year-old McCain surrounded by a cadre of old white men. Over McCain’s right shoulder was the only man in Washington even more ancient than McCain, Sen. John Warner.

When the gentleman over McCain’s left shoulder pulled out a handkerchief and mopped his brow, Sharon looked at me and said, “McCain is so toast.”

What a contrast! McCain looked small, old, and tired compared to Obama. He did everything but swig from a bottle of Geritol.

One thing: Hillary Clinton is not a woman to sit back and let things happen to her. Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Doris Lessing may have been thinking of America’s gun culture when she suggested that Barack Obama might not live to see the Oval Office, but she’s on the right track. Bear in mind that Hillary’s longtime adviser and new campaign manager Maggie Williams was seen carrying documents from the office of Vince Foster the night he committed the most unusual suicide in recent history (for example, his car arrived at the scene after his body).

I’m not implying anything, mind you. I’m just sayin’.

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