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Happy Super Tuesday! Here in the Hoosier State, I’ll be sitting this one out while my former colleagues at The Eagle 93.9 gear up for election night coverage of the vote in Missouri and around the nation.


We’ve reached a point in American history where our leading candidates for president are a Communist, a black separatist, a man who’s emotionally unhinged, and a member of a cult.

Hillary. Garnishing your wages to pay for universal health care. Enough said.

Obama. Either he agrees with his pastor’s black separatist rantings or he should quit the church. Since the senator has remained a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s congregation for over 15 years, we must assume some empathy for his pastor’s afrocentric teachings.

McCain. At least one U.S. senator admits that the thought of John McCain with his finger on the button “sends a cold chill” down his spines.

Romney. If it’s fair to ask Mike Huckabee whether he actually believes that God created the universe, in accordance with fundamental Christian teachings, why is it off-limits to probe fundamental Mormon doctrine by asking Gov. Romney if he really believes he’ll be the god of his own planet someday?

As a Christian, Mike Huckabee appeals to my sense of morality, but his big-government solutions to our problems are just what the country doesn’t need. If he’d talk up the Fair Tax, I’d give him another look, but he seems to be avoiding it of late.

Ron Paul? I agree with his libertarian stance, but I can’t get past the racist underpinnings of his old newsletters. Either he is directly responsible for the content, or he’s a poor judge of people to whom he delegates responsibility. Either way, that’s a red flag.

As of this moment, I am strongly disinclined to vote for a presidential candidate in November. My hunch is that I’m not alone among true conservatives in feeling this way.

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