We’re in deep shift

What could Rick “Purpose Driven” Warren and Brian “Deep Shift” McLaren, a leader in the emerging church movement, possibly be doing at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Oh, sure, they can rationalize their presence as bringing “God’s agenda” to the table of world economic policy, but to me it smacks of either dominionism (i.e., using Christ as a political tool) or serving Mammon rather than God. Which is essentially the same thing.

It’s a dangerous deception that too many American Christians are all too willing to believe. Has anyone at Saddleback asked Warren why the “P” in his global PEACE plan was changed from “Plant churches” to “Promote reconciliation”? Not easy enough to sell to secularists, maybe?

And McLaren teaches that we Christians need to “shift” our approach — transition, rethink (a word you see a lot lately if you look), re-imagine, and re-envision — to being “a follower of God in the way of Jesus”.

At best, his message appears to be a slick marketing plan to sell a lot of books. At worst, it’s an ecumenical dilution of the gospel message that salvation is through grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone. McLaren’s presence in Davos, with the WEF’s increasingly spiritual focus, hints at the latter.

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