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It takes a police state

This is no longer the land of the free:

The mother of an 11-year-old boy abducted by SWAT team members and taken to a hospital after he was bruised while horsing around is warning members of her community of the “Nazi” tactics she endured, including a statement from the officers that her “rights” were “only in the movies.”

The case involves Jon Shiflett, who injured himself while trying to grab the handle of a door on a car his sister was driving. He slipped and fell to the pavement, hitting his head. His parents treated him for the injury and rejected paramedics’ demands that they be allowed to take him to a hospital.

Nearly 36 hours later, SWAT team members broke into the family home in western Colorado near New Castle and took Jon to a hospital, where a doctor said the family should keep ice on his bruise, exactly the treatment the family already had been providing.

There are a number of disturbing aspects to this story, not least of which is that the government employees who authorized and executed the raid on the Shiflett’s home echoed the plea of so many Nazi war criminals: “I was just following orders.”

The Shifletts were brought to the attention of a local magistrate by an unidentified person, possibly an EMT who felt their son should be taken to a hospital against his parents’ wishes.

The paramedics were called by an unidentified neighbor.

The social services director in Garfield County said her office is required to intervene when it receives a report about “possible mistreatment” of children.

The Garfield County sheriff said, “I was given a court order by the magistrate to seize the child, and arrange for medical evaluation, and that’s what we did.”

This is straight out of 1984: Faceless, nameless accusers make a few phone calls; armed men in black masks break down a family’s door and hold it at gunpoint while abducting a child for “medical evaluation”.

We were just following orders. Yeah, like the guards at Auschwitz.

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