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Vodkapundit — An Open Reply

Vodkapundit demonstrates again why I quit the “conservative” blogosphere:

I’ll put this in language even your tiny little Iowa brains can understand: What the f*** is wrong with you people?

The news coming out of Des Moines (literally, French for “tell me about the rabbits, George”) tonight is distressing in the extreme. 32 years ago, your Democratic brethren took one look at Jimmy Carter — the worst 20th Century President bar Nixon, and the worst ex-President ever — and declared, “That’s our man!”

Three decades later, and along comes Mike Huckabee. Same moral pretentiousness, same gullibility on foreign affairs, only-slightly-less toothy idiot’s grin. Then you so-called Republicans took a look at Carter’s clone and said, “That’s our man, too!”

And by a pretty wide margin.

Dear VP,

You should really get out more.

Obviously, you have no f***ing clue what people here in the heartland think. Frankly, we’re getting a little tired of you self-important pseudointellectual snobs telling us how damned stupid we are.

Now, to be honest, I think the Iowa caucuses really are stupid — from a political standpoint. However, the Iowans who arranged this deal pulled tens of millions into the state economy by selling advertising, restaurant food, and hotel rooms to the participants in this charade. Hey, maybe those Iowans aren’t so stupid after all!

I’m not sold on Mike Huckabee, not by a long shot, but I’ll take him over Rudy, Mitt, or McCain. So will a majority of Republicans out here in Flyoverland.

The fact that you don’t understand why demonstrates how disconnected you are from the heart and soul of the true conservative base of the Republican Party. What the f*** is wrong with you?

All the best from Indiana,


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