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Turning the tables on human rights gone wild

A brilliant response to a school board that’s clearly insane:

A school district following Maine’s Human Rights Law and providing special accommodations to a 10-year-old with “sexual orientation or gender identification” issues is being accused of discrimination by a man whose grandson is being denied those same accommodations because of his sexual orientation — that of heterosexuality.

The dispute at Asa C. Adams Elementary School in Orono has the school committee on the defense, the grandfather on the march, and the local Bangor News newspaper trying to set rules for “Christian” behavior for the community.

At the heart of the issue is the treatment being provided an unidentified 10-year-old at the elementary school, according to documentation from the Christian Civic League of Maine.

The organization is reporting Paul Melanson found out his grandson’s school was allowing another boy to use the girl’s restroom, and decided that wasn’t right. He told his grandson to follow the other boy into the girl’s restroom whenever he saw the other boy doing it, and when he did, the boy was confronted by school officials and warned against such behavior, and the grandfather was confronted by police.

However, Melanson responded to those concerns by alleging the school was discriminating against his grandson by depriving him of the accommodations allowed others, simply because of his sexual orientation, an action banned under state law.

First of all, what ten-year-old really knows what “sexual orientation” is? At that age, I was only beginning to sense that girls weren’t completely icky.

That aside, this will be an interesting case to watch. Paul Melanson has called the bluff of the politically correct and dared them to prove that they aren’t interested in equal rights, but are trying to impose their bias on the rest of us.

Similar cases are making their way forward in other parts of the country. In Montgomery County, Maryland, a new law allows people to choose their gender when using public facilities. That includes restrooms and locker rooms.

This is nuts. In the drive to become enlightened, the progressive left can no longer tell the difference between boys and girls — something any five-year-old can do.

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