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It’s a sci-fi world

This evokes images of Minority Report or Blade Runner:

The FBI is to use a nationwide network of digital billboards to flash “hot pursuit” alerts and “most wanted” bulletins to help catch criminals.

In a deal with Clear Channel Outdoor, the US law enforcement agency will use billboards to run messages about wanted criminals, crime in progress and “high security” alerts about homeland security.

The agreement, which follows a successful trial in Philadelphia that led to the swift arrest of three criminals, will primarily be used to run “most wanted messages” on more than 150 digital billboards in about 20 US cities.

Billboards will also be used to display “high security messages to relevant communities” and the FBI also plans to establish a “protocol” for high priority “hot pursuit” messages to run straight after crimes are committed.

Tie these in to the closed-circuit cameras that are sprouting like weeds in our major cities and you’ll really have something: Live police chases displayed on billboards in real time.

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