We distort, we decide

Fox News will broadcast a forum for Republican presidential candidates in New Hampshire this coming Sunday night. A spokesman for the New Hampshire GOP says the party is negotiating with Fox to include as many candidates as possible — which, as of this writing, does not include Alan Keyes, Duncan Hunter, or Ron Paul.

None of the announced candidates should be excluded. But given that Paul is actually tracking even with or ahead of Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson in some states, what possible reason can Fox have for leaving him out?

Simple. The same reason the faux conservatives at National Review pillory Paul and Mike Huckabee every chance they get: They care less about conservative principles than they do about winning. It’s no surprise that you’ll find comments like, I’d vote for Hillary before I would Ron Paul at faux conservative blogs like Little Green Footballs.

I repeat: What passes for the conservative movement in America today is about power, not principles.

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