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Breakthrough in universal health care: Pay us, treat yourself

This is absolutely bizarre. Can self-surgery be far behind?

Millions of people with arthritis, asthma and even heart failure will be urged to treat themselves as part of a Government plan to save billions of pounds from the NHS budget.

Instead of going to hospital or consulting a doctor, patients will be encouraged to carry out “self care” as the Department of Health (DoH) tries to meet Treasury targets to curb spending.

The guidelines could mean people with chronic conditions:

• Monitoring their own heart activity, blood pressure and lung capacity using equipment installed in the home
• Reporting medical information to doctors remotely by telephone or computer
• Administering their own drugs and other treatment to “manage pain” and assessing the significance of changes in their condition
• Using relaxation techniques to relieve stress and avoid “panic” visits to emergency wards.

This is the way health care used to be, back fifty or sixty years ago — except now you’re expected to pay the government to treat yourself!

Hello! Naked emperor!

Of course, liberals would argue that universal health care is only a mess in the U.K. because they’re not doing it right. Uh huh. Imagine a bureaucracy run by the likes of the people at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office in charge of your health care, and then imagine it’s five times worse than that (which is about how much bigger the U.S. is than the U.K.).

That’s what liberals want to saddle us with. And by “liberal”, anyone, regardless of political affiliation, who believes that the government is the answer to nearly every problem we face. Note that this describes most of the Republican presidential candidates.

Universal health care is insanity, except from the perspective of those who really benefit from it: Insurance companies, Big Pharma, and investment bankers.

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