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Bhutto’s rehabilitation in death

Benazir Bhutto’s death is tragic but it was only a matter of time once she set foot on Pakistani soil. But while the media lionizes her this weekend, we should remember some things about the former prime minister that will certainly be overlooked.

Ms. Bhutto was a billionaire who’d been investigated and charged with corruption and/or money laundering by the governments of five nations. Apparently it was not for nothing that Bhutto’s husband was known as “Mr. 10%” in Pakistan.

When you see the tributes to the former prime minister on television this weekend, remember that her government provided financial and military support to the Taliban — and it was one of only three in the world that even recognized the Taliban as a legitimate government.

More ominously, there is some evidence to suggest that Bhutto was at least complicit in the assassination of her younger brother, Mir Murtaza Bhutto, who was killed in 1996 in Karachi. Mr. Bhutto was a member of Pakistan’s parliament and an outspoken critic of his sister’s policies, who stood up for democracy and civil rights only when it was politically expedient.

Benazir Bhutto was a convenient pawn for Western elites who enticed her to return to Pakistan by promising to release tens of millions of dollars worth of assets frozen during the ’90s. To them, Ms. Bhutto is far more important in death than she was in life. She’s a powerful symbol reminding us of the dire threat posed by radical Islamists, who will most certainly take the blame for her death — whether they’re responsible or not.

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