Canada, where you’re free to agree with everything they tell you

David is another Canadian who doesn’t understand that freedom means putting up with ideas you don’t agree with. To him, silencing an anti-homosexual activist for speaking his mind is an essential function of government:

Its not wrong in my mind, to bitch slap someone saying something as retarded as he did. Remember, this is coming about accepting all people for who they are, and because judeo-christian morals can’t do that, they are becoming obsolete.

Oh, where to begin?

First, you’re not really free when the government uses its power to silence unapproved speech. With certain specific exceptions, like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater or threats of physical harm, free societies don’t set up government thought police to sit in judgment over which ideas are acceptable and which are not. Remember, David, the federal “bitch slap” administered to people who criticize homosexuals today may well fall on people who call Jews and Christians “retarded” tomorrow.

By the way, isn’t it strange that “hate speech” is never directed at those “retarded” Christians?

Second, this is not about accepting people for who they are, it’s about a few small but very vocal special interest groups who will ultimately find themselves at war with one another. In Canada, it was first Jewish organizations and now Muslim activists pushing Ottawa to silence dissent. Homosexual activists are happy to ride the wave for now because it suits them to use the government to punish Christians who dare to call their lifestyle choice what it is — sin.

(A quick side note: Granted, some nominal Christians forget that we, too, are sinners in God’s eyes. “There is none righteous; no, not one.” It’s very tempting to condemn another’s sin while downplaying one’s own, but God doesn’t grade on a curve — it’s pass/fail. And we crucified the only One who ever earned a passing grade on this Earth.)

Eventually, gay rights activists will realize that Muslims are far less forgiving than Christians when it comes to homosexuality. Guess what? In Canada, they won’t be able to say anything about it publicly or they’ll find themselves standing before a Human Rights Commission.

Too bad. The First Amendment has taken a beating here in the U.S. but it hasn’t been rescinded yet. Canadians don’t even have those protections. But somehow, in the minds of “progressives” like David, that makes them more free.

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