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Merry Christmas from Big Brother!

Santa of Doom

Merry Christmas to you and yours!  We’re back from a three-day visit with Sharon’s family and enjoying some quiet time at home this Christmas Day.

We’ve watched the trend for years now and I still don’t know how upset I should be about the secularization of Christmas.  After all, 4th-century Christians stole the holiday from pagans; why should we care if they take it back?

Oh, come on.  All the evidence says Jesus was born at another time of the year.  I don’t like having a celebration of Christ’s birth turned into an orgy of consumerism, but let’s face it:  This is the world in which we live.

Anyway, a longtime listener forwarded this story that sort of illustrates the state of affairs:

A statue of the infant Jesus on display near Miami in Florida is being fitted with a Global Positioning System device after the original figurine was stolen.

The near-life-size figure forms part of a nativity scene in Bal Harbour. The original vanished three weeks ago, despite being bolted to the ground.

Dina Cellini, who oversees the display, says the statues of Mary and Joseph will also be fitted with a satellite tracking device to deter thieves.

Baby Jesus is being chipped. Merry Post-9/11 Christmas, everyone!

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