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But the lead-painted toys are so much cheaper…

They should rename it Wall-of-China Mart:

As consumer safety recalls of Christmas products made in China continue at a torrid pace, a new report shows the average Chinese worker making toys is paid a meager 36 cents an hour — just 2.5 percent of what U.S. toy manufacturers pay domestically.

Today, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the latest recall of a Christmas import — a holiday candle set that tips over and whose exterior coating is flammable. The snowman and Christmas tree candles were manufactured in China.
Chinese-made toys accounted for 94 percent of the CPSC recalls this year. Most of the recalls were related to excessive and dangerous levels of lead used in cheap paints.

We’ll continue to see stories like this until you and I commit to paying more for stuff made here in U.S.A. And that’s the catch, isn’t it? The way the economy has trended over the last generation, most of us can’t afford to buy domestic anymore. It’s a vicious cycle, a Catch-22, because until we do, we mortgage the future to make ends meet today.

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