Another bright idea from Congress

Apparently the solution to global warming, our dependence on foreign oil, and possibly the shaky stock market is a ban on incandescent light bulbs. Yes, all of the other major issues facing the nation — border control, national security, the collapse of the dollar — have been solved, leaving only the looming light bulb crisis for the courageous members of our United States Congress.

Call me cynical, but this seems to be an ingenious marketing ploy by Wal-Mart, which announced its intention to sell 100 million of the bulbs this year, and General Electric, the company that invented the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). No surprise; GE has a lobbying budget that’s bigger than those of the three largest oil companies combined.

Did you notice the “Green Week” gimmick on the GE-owned broadcast networks last month? During any of that special programming, including the ridiculous NFL halftime show by candlelight, was there any mention that GE stands to make a boatload of money by selling us on the idea that we’re responsible for global warming? Not only from the sale of CFLs, but also from investments in wind farms, clean coal, and — this is irony so massive that it truly boggles the mind — GE’s investment in the pollution-trading system developed by Enron before it went belly-up.

Think about it: Congressional Democrats and environmental activists are promoting a cap-and-trade system of controlling greenhouse emissions by buying and selling carbon credits that was developed by Enron. And Americans are buying into it, thanks to GE’s lobbying budget — which doesn’t include its control of programming on NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC News, NBC Sports, SciFi Channel, Sundance Channel, Bravo, USA Network, and Telemundo.

Back to light bulbs: Who’s going to cover the cost of disposing of the mercury inside my new CFLs when they eventually burn out?

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