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Hewitt hates Huckabee

Talk show host Hugh Hewitt has to keep hammering away at the new GOP frontrunner since he authored A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney. About every other post at Hugh’s blog this week is about the beginning of the end of the “Huckaboom”.

It’s too bad Hewitt and his publicist were too busy to respond to an interview request earlier this year from a fellow talk show host, albeit one in market #256 (hint: that was me). I didn’t particularly care that Hewitt thinks Romney is the only Republican who can win next November; I wanted to know how Hugh, a professing evangelical Christian, could defend in writing what is at best a heretical faith.

Now, looking at the situation objectively, Gov. Romney has some real strengths: He’s rich, he’s handsome, he’s a successful businessman, and he speaks pretty well in front of an audience. Not as well as Mike Huckabee, but pretty well.

Sadly for Hewitt and Romney, we conservative Christians here in Flyoverland are just as concerned with the governor’s changes of heart on some pretty big social issues as we are with his belief that he’ll be the god of his own planet someday.

But while being wrong as often as not comes with the territory of Hewitt’s chosen profession (and I should know), being wrong about the nature of Jesus Christ is one mistake a Christian should never make. Answering to the general manager or an angry advertiser is one thing; answering to the Creator of the universe is something else.

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