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Why Mike Huckabee leads the GOP polls (and Ron Paul won’t go away)

Vox Day explains:

For the last year, the conservative media led by Fox News, Townhall and National Review have relentlessly laid out palm leaves in the path of the so-called “Big Three,” the three “electable” candidates rather less grandiosely nicknamed “Rudy McRomney” by those uninclined to be dictated to by the men with the megaphones. And yet, it should not have taken a rocket scientist to grasp that a pro-abortion, anti-gun New Yorker, a flip-flopping Mormon and the mainstream media’s favorite anti-free speech campaigner collectively held very, very little appeal to Republicans primarily motivated by religion and/or small government principles.

Let’s hope true conservatives out here in Flyoverland continue to ignore the lead of the media’s self-appointed guardians of conservative orthodoxy.

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