Ron Paul: No longer a snowball in Hell?

John Derbyshire of National Review Online jumps ship from the USS Electable Republican to throw his support to Ron Paul. The Texas congressman set a record for raising the most money via the Internet in a single day by a Republican presidential candidate. And now a new poll shows Rep. Paul actually leading in Alaska.

Is there a glimmer of hope for the Paul campaign?

The poll, conducted by a TV station in Anchorage, is unscientific, but it points to a growing undercurrent of libertarianism in parts of the country. Rep. Paul’s views track more closely with my own than those of any other candidate, even Mike Huckabee. Gov. Huckabee’s honesty about his faith is admirable, but there’s a big government nanny-state theme to his campaign and governing style that disturbs me. For example, Huckabee says he’d support a federal ban on smoking in the workplace rather than allowing the states or local governments to handle that issue.

Sadly, Mr. Derbyshire’s colleagues at the National Review have, for the most part, aligned themselves with faux conservatives who they feel can beat Hillary next November. Same for the prominent conservative talk show hosts like Rush and Sean. It’s as though any non-conservative idea will do as long as the candidate agrees to continue fighting in Iraq and torturing terror suspects.

I want a real conservative, and right now Ron Paul looks more like the genuine article than anyone else in the race.

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