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The city of man-boy love

The city of Philadelphia, which, despite its nickname, is definitely not the friendliest place I’ve ever lived (I survived a near-riot over free radio station t-shirts at a Monkees reunion concert in 1986), has advised the local Boy Scouts council that it’s reneging on an 80-year-old agreement to lease the land on which the Scouts’ headquarters sits in perpetuity for $1 a year. Why? Because of the Scouts’ official policy denying membership to homosexuals.

The city council voted last year to renege on its ongoing $1-a-year lease and decided to set the rent at $200,000 a year, something BSA leaders say they cannot pay. The city appears ready to confiscate the Scouts’ headquarters building, a facility the Scouts constructed without city help in 1928 and recently renovated with another $2 million of its own money.

This raises an interesting question: Which of the 70 or so other groups currently in similar agreements with the city of Philadelphia is next? The Roman Catholic Church? Will the city reimburse the Boy Scouts for the Marks Center and other improvements to the half-acre parcel of land? And will Philadelphia voters approve of taxpayer money being used to finance this homosexual vendetta against the Boy Scouts?

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