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SO THE first night in our new home here in Indiana, we had no window treatments to offer any privacy from our neighbors or the traffic going by out front. And there are a lot of windows in this old bungalow — seven in the front room alone.

So we made do with the materials at hand: Blankets, a bedsheet, and cardboard from a couple of moving boxes.

It was a sharp contrast with our neighbors’ home, a gorgeous 85-year-old two-story in the 3,000 square foot range that’s beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Thankfully, the temporary curtains only lasted a day. We discovered all the mini-blinds the former owner had removed while putting our stuff into a back bedroom closet.

Last Sunday, we noticed scores of people in holiday attire walking in and out of our neighbors’ home. We realized they’d been selected as one of the featured stops on this year’s Shelbyville Holiday Home Tour.

I can only guess at how mortified the neighbors must have been when they looked over here the weekend before, in the midst of their preparations to host this event, and discovered that the new neighbors from Missouri had taped cardboard over the living room windows.

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