Save the Earth with rat’s milk

I’d love to use this story as an example of the lunacy of the radical environmental fringe, but that just wouldn’t be fair. Too easy.

No, this is just an example of a woman desperate to remain in the public eye, no matter how ridiculous she appears:

[A]n increasingly reviled Heather Mills stepped out in London this weekend as part of an environmental campaign, encouraging people to switch from cow’s milk to rat’s milk to help avert a global warming catastrophe.

Wearing a green T-shirt with a vegan slogan, Mills drew a crowd of paparazzi as she aired her grievances at London’ Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, and suggested that drinking milk from rats, cats, and dogs would be more eco-friendly than dairy products from carbon-emitting livestock.

Uh, huh. How many rats would we need to replace the milk generated by dairy cows? And we couldn’t get our dogs to sit still for regular brushings, never mind milkings.

Here’s an example of the ad campaign Mills is participating in:

Heather Mills

Good thing the millions upon millions of bison that roamed the American prairies never farted or we’d have had global warming long before Mr. Ford designed his Model T.

Oh, to demonstrate that she’s probably insane, Mills showed up for her Earth-friendly publicity event in a gas-chugging Mercedes-Benz 4×4.

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