Modern-day Gilgamesh

Following up the previous post (“Use Your Own Dirt”): Would you believe children with three biological parents?

Babies made by cloning techniques from the DNA of two women could be born within 10 years as ministers prepare to give the green light for embryos produced by biological material from three “parents”. A new law, to be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow, opens the door for such hybrid eggs to be implanted in women.

The novel procedure is designed to find a cure for mitochondrial disease, a range of life-threatening conditions that affect one in 10,000 people.
The controversial clause will permit embryos to be created from the nucleus of a woman’s egg, her partner’s sperm and another woman’s donated mitochondria, which surround the egg’s nucleus and are vital for cell growth. The procedure has so far been carried out only in laboratories. Researchers at the North of England Stem Cell Research Centre, Newcastle, who are leaders in the field, believe that within five years the procedure could be used to carry out trials to create babies.

Everything old is new again:

Who can compare with him in kingliness?
Who can say like Gilgamesh: “I am King!”?
Whose name, from the day of his birth, was called “Gilgamesh”?
Two-thirds of him is god, one-third of him is human.

As it was in the days of Noah. See Genesis 6, 2 Peter 2:4, and Jude 5, 6.

Perhaps apropos of nothing, but I note that the kingdom of Gilgamesh was Uruk — Iraq.

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