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Farewell to Mid-Missouri


Health issues with a couple members of our family require that we pull up stakes and relocate. Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be — to quote the old song — “back home again in Indiana”.

Three of Sharon’s sisters and their mother live in southern Indiana. I’ve got cousins in Terre Haute and Indianapolis, and my dad’s side of the family arrived on the banks of the Wabash around 1820. So there’s a long Hoosier history on both sides of the family. Once we settle, we look forward to visiting living relatives and ancestors who’ve passed on.

It’s a sad parting. I’d tried for nearly two years to get back into radio after a more than a decade of selling steel pipe, and the management at The Eagle 93.9 gave me that chance, in spite of my long layoff and the fact that nearly all of my prior twelve years’ radio experience was in music formats. I will always be grateful for the opportunity and proud of what our team has accomplished over the last 16 months.

I’ve made good friends here, both at The Eagle 93.9 and in the community. I will miss you. But family responsibilities must come first and so we have to go.

Don’t know where we’ll be working or living yet. We’re stepping out on faith here. I’ll let you know when I do.

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