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Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise

This signals a major shift in planning for a hypothetical future conflict with China:

American military chiefs have been left dumbstruck by an undetected Chinese submarine popping up at the heart of a recent Pacific exercise and close to the vast U.S.S. Kitty Hawk — a 1,000ft supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board.

By the time it surfaced the 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine is understood to have sailed within viable range for launching torpedoes or missiles at the carrier.

According to senior NATO officials the incident caused consternation in the U.S. Navy.

Consternation? My guess is that this little incident led to some right nasty ass-chewings. For a sub to slip into torpedo range of 4,500 American sailors undetected is a nasty surprise — and a pretty clear message from Communist China.

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