Searching for a candidate

Just when I thought Mike Huckabee was the guy I could support for president, I came across this background piece by Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times.

If you think he left a well of warm feelings in Arkansas, note that Hillary Clinton had raised more money in Arkansas at last report and that a recent University of Arkansas Poll showed her a 35 to 8 percent leader over Huckabee in the presidential preferences of Arkansas residents. Only one-third of 33 Republican legislators have said they will support him for president.

Granted that Brantley writes for an alternative newspaper, and the odds of a journalist like that supporting a former Baptist preacher are smaller than Mike Gravel’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination. Still, the allegations of financial impropriety are disheartening to say the least. I’ve had enough of money-grabbing former governors from Arkansas.

Even the nice things that Brantley writes about Huckabee don’t give comfort:

He raised taxes for schools, highways and children’s health. Inevitably, this expanded government. I say bravo on all counts, though the conservative Club for Growth has delighted in quoting my liberal newspaper when it attacks Huckabee’s fiscal record. He was kind to immigrants and favored state help for college-going children of illegal immigrants.

Nuts. Back to the list of candidates. Maybe Thompson will step up and support the Fair Tax and make my choice easy.

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