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August 22: Tracy Della Vecchia, Tom Fitton, Bob McNear

Tracy Della Vecchia,

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

Bob McNear, Mid-Missouri Furniture Bank

It was a busy day but a good day today on The Drive. We welcomed back Tracy Della Vecchia, the founder and Executive Director of, a mission Tracy started at home to see to it that her son, Cpl. Derrick Jensen, got what he needed when he was deployed overseas. It’s grown into a nationwide community of volunteers that ships about 1,100 care packages to Marines on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan five times a year.

We’re honored to know Tracy, and if you’re available Saturday, she can use your help to pack boxes for the next shipment. Her headquarters is a block up the street from The Eagle 93.9 studios at 2810 Lemone Industrial Boulevard in Columbia (map).

I’d be there this time, except that I’ll be emceeing the 2007 Columbia Start! Heart Walk for the American Heart Association at Stephens Lake Park. Coordinator Jennifer Hively will be on The Drive Thursday.

At 4:30, we were joined by Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. His group has been a thorn in the side of the last two presidential administrations, and he talked about the Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings that just took place in Quebec. It’s his opinion that elites in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are trying to merge the three nations into a single, European Union-style North American superstate. Based on the documents Judicial Watch has uncovered through Freedom of Information Act requests, he makes a convincing case.

We talked for a bit about the city of Columbia’s decision to install red-light cameras at several intersections. Hank Waters, publisher of the Columbia Daily Tribune, thinks it’s a good idea:

Since drivers will learn the cameras are constantly on duty, they/we will drive more carefully, avoiding potential mayhem, a prevention effect more important than catching scofflaws.

Thing is, the evidence from cities that have lived with red-light cameras for a while shows that there is no prevention effect, only a revenue stream for the city — and the contractor manning the cameras.

Finally, we talked with Bob McNear of the Mid-Missouri Furniture Bank. The bank gives furniture and housewares to people in need, like women leaving shelters, fire victims, and the formerly homeless. The furniture bank has lost its lease and needs to move. So Bob needs two kinds of help: First, he needs a new place with about 4,000 square feet of space; and second, he needs to unload some of the stuff he’s got now.

So Bob is holding a garage sale Saturday from 8:00am “until whenever”. What makes this easy is that the Mid-Missouri Furniture Bank is in the same building as, 2810 Lemone Industrial. Stop by, find some deals on furniture to help the furniture bank, and then help pack boxes for soldiers on duty in the sandbox.

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

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