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August 9: Tim Murphy, Ken Pearson, Hazel Kinder

Hazel Kinder

Boone Co. Presiding Commissioner Ken Pearson

Tim Murphy, who hosts the Afternoon Newswatch on our sister station 950 KWOS in Jefferson City, gave us an update on the vote to build a new jail in the capitol city. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.) The good news from Jeff City is that the Missouri River bridge on US 63 is in pretty good shape.

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Ken Pearson talked about the vote in November to continue a half-cent county sales tax. While the tax generates about $11 million annually, and the county can certainly use the money, it’s a perfect example of how “temporary” tax increases somehow manage to become permanent.

By the way, the official Boone County website is

I had the pleasure of meeting singer and theater owner Hazel Kinder today. She and her husband, Steve, built and operate the Lighthouse Theater just east of Columbia. They’re planning a unique dinner music theater show Sunday the 19th, and her family-friendly lineup of country, gospel, and bluegrass could be the start of something really special here in mid-Missouri.

Open lines in hour 2, and we talked about the announcement by Clarian Health in Indianapolis that beginning in 2009, employees who fail to meet certain health goals will have their pay docked. By their definition, I qualify as “obese”, which would cost me $20 a month. Is this fair? Is it legal?

The Eagle 93.9 Intelligence Briefing:

Terrorists teaming with drug cartels
CAIR identified by the FBI as part of the Muslim Brotherhood
State Rep. Cooper pleads guilty to immigration fraud
Ameren looks at new nuclear plant
Special session call could come soon

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