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July 19: Jason Rosenbaum

Jason Rosenbaum

For the second time this week, a reporter for the Columbia Daily Tribune brings breaking news to The Drive: Jason Rosenbaum, who covers politics, ran into the studio at 5:33pm, about 90 seconds before air time, fresh from reading over a ruling issued by the Missouri Supreme Court at 4:00. The decision appears to overturn the campaign finance law passed by the General Assembly last year that removed the limits on campaign contributions to political candidates for state office in Missouri.

This raises some interesting questions: Will candidates such as Sen. Chris Koster (R-Harrisonville) and Rep. Jeff Harris (D-Columbia), who have raised $600,000 and $300,000 respectively for next year’s Attorney General race, have to give back donations that exceeded the old limit? Or will they be allowed to keep the money, giving them a huge head start over others who are late to the fundraising party?

More important, is it better to go back to the old system, under which candidates could still raise hundreds of thousands of dollars as long as the money was funneled through political action committees, which made it more difficult for you and I to see who was donating how much to the candidates?

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