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It felt like today’s show came off well, which is good, considering that I had to put a lot of time into tomorrow’s program log. A good chunk of the day was devoted to reprogramming our master computer so that Tom Bradley and I can stay home on the 4th.

We talked business with Penny Smith of C & S Business Services, and then Detective Andy Anderson of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force talked about his unit’s latest arrests. It’s disturbing that so many normal-looking guys are out there searching the Internet to have sex with children.

In the six o’clock hour, I had the chance to talk with an Internet pioneer of a different sort: Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WorldNetDaily talked about his book Stop The Presses! It was a good segment if I do say so myself, although it helps that Farah is an easy interview. WND broke new ground ten years ago, pioneering news on the web. My guess is that Farah will take WND into new territory to stay ahead of the game — could we see or sometime before 2017?

Probably sooner. Research shows that the Internet has already passed radio as “most essential” in the lives of radio listeners and it’s going to pass television in the next couple of years. Any media company that doesn’t brand itself beyond the limits of “newspaper”, “TV”, or “radio” is going to get beat.

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