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Freshman Senator from the Left Coast of Missouri

Missouri state Sen. Jolie Justus (D-Kansas City) has had a very busy first term as a freshman in our state legislature.  It’s only right that she’s from the left side of the state; her work this term is breathtakingly progressive.

And I mean that in a bad way.

Sen. Jolie Justus:  Tilting Missouri to the left

Sen. Justus proposed the state’s school bullying version of the insidious thought crimes bill now working its way through the U.S. Congress.  Under her proposal, kids who bully others in Missouri would be subject to — I don’t know; double secret probation, maybe — if they select their victims on the basis of “actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation” or “on the basis of association with others identified by these categories”.  What’s more, the definition of bullying would be expanded from violence or physical threats to include “discrimination”, language that goes beyond even the Conyers/Kennedy bills.

And what’s with this “perceived” business?  Kids could be punished for what school administrators thought they were thinking when they “discriminated” against a fellow student?

Only an attorney would invent something like this.  No surprise that Sen. Justus has worked for the ACLU.

Not content to loose the thought police upon schoolkids, Sen. Justus also proposed vaccinating sixth grade girls with a vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV).  The bill has been modified so that the vaccine would be optional, but we still need to see some long-term studies on the HPV vaccine before we start shooting it into 11 and 12 year old girls.

I don’t need to belabor her filibuster with Sen. Chuck Graham (D-Columbia) of the Lewis & Clark Discovery Initiative, a tactical blunder that cost the MU flagship campus here in Columbia and UMKC any share of the proceeds from the sale of MOHELA assets.  I already did that on the radio show.

And now Sen. Justus is proudly trumpeting her latest accomplishment, a filibuster of the “Castle Doctrine” bill as it was sent to the Senate from the House.  State representatives beefed up the rights of Missouri citizens to defend ourselves with deadly force, not only in our homes (hence “castle”) but anywhere we are legally allowed to be.

Currently, we have a legal obligation in Missouri to run away if we’re attacked out in public — say, at the Wal-Mart parking lot — and the court says we had a reasonable opportunity to do so.  That puts the burden of determining the threat level of an attacker on the prospective victim.  Is he strong enough to really hurt me?  Can I outrun him?  Is he armed?  If so, will he shoot me in the back if I run?

Failure to ask those questions while being robbed could land you in jail along with — or instead of — the attacker.

That’s stupid.

Well, because the House version of the bill was different than the one approved by the Senate, it went back to the floor of the Senate for a vote.  It probably would have passed except that Sen. Justus and Sen. Bray (D-St. Louis County) filibustered, and after a couple of hours the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Goodman (R-Lawrence County) caved.  The bill is going to a conference committee and Sen. Justus is a member of the conference.  Can’t wait to see how that turns out.

I just hope that somebody has the persuasive skill to show Sen. Justus the unbelievable disconnect from reality that’s required to believe that certain groups of schoolkids should be protected from what other kids think while my wife has to stop and analyze whether she can outrun a potential rapist before using a pistol to defend herself.

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