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Hi, Amazing!

Hey, nice to know that the followers of James “the Amazing” Randi have been keeping track of me. No publicity is bad, and all that.

Sharon and I caught Randi’s attention back in 2005 when he felt compelled to debunk us in his monthly newsletter. Randi included this graphic to help make his point:

It seems that a regular at Randi’s forum — I’d call anyone with over 7,000 posts a “regular” — was moved to check out the picture of the odd triangle Sharon posted from Google Earth.

Odd triangle in Australia

I’m just glad we haven’t fallen off Randi’s radar yet. He’s supposed to be in Columbia as a featured speaker at the first-ever conference of “brights” (a cute word for “atheists”) late this year or early next.

James Randi has made his name as a professional debunker and there’s no question that he’s done some good work in exposing frauds and fakers. So it’s amusing that he presumes to know that nothing exists outside his ability to detect or measure it — because that is in itself a metaphysical claim.

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