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Exciting game so far with a nearly equal mix of big plays and turnovers on both sides. A couple of things the Bears have to be concerned about: Cedric Benson’s knee and the momentum going into the locker room.

Benson is a power runner, the kind of back who wears down a D-line over the course of a game. Thomas Jones is quicker, but the condition of the wet field makes a moose like Benson a must-have. It looks like they’ll have to do without.

Second, aside from the opening kick return by Devin Hester, the first half is almost all Colts. The Bears need to get Jones untracked in the second half to control the clock and keep Peyton Manning off the field.

Now, about Prince: Okay, he’s more entertaining than Paul McCartney was last year, but really — why do we need these elaborate halftime shows? I’d rather see the usual analysis and then get back to the flippin’ game!

I saw Prince in Memphis back in ’88. Awesome show, one of the best I’ve ever seen. My guess is Prince never thought he’d see the day when he was basically an oldies act.

Happens to all of us eventually.

Another ad for Katie Couric. I’m sorry for Katie, but she just doesn’t have the gravitas needed to host the CBS Evening News.

You know what? The local spots for Lake Regional Health System, WS Express, and University Chrysler are better than the big-budget national ads I’ve seen so far, with the possible exception of the Garmin GPS spot. There hasn’t been anything even close to the spots that created the big buzz of the Super Bowl ads of past years. Remember the Budweiser frogs?

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