I See London…


Do you really want airport screeners to see this much of you?

This is a woman in the full-body Backscatter X-ray system going into service in Phoenix. I’m sorry, but I do not consent to being virtually stripped naked in order to fly.

Officials say this is a voluntary option to being physically patted down for passengers undergoing a second stage of screening. Great choice: Felt up or pictured naked.

And we’re supposed to believe that this represents a serious attempt by our government to fight terror — except that our government has made no credible effort to shut down the flood of illegals crossing our borders. Now, who likely represents a greater threat to your security: An OTM (Other Than Mexican) sneaking across our open southern border or somebody who knows he’s going through a couple of security checkpoints to get on a plane?

Except for emergencies, flying just isn’t worth it anymore.

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