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Show Notes: Monday, November 27

It’s a BIG week in Columbia — BIG as in Big Idea-Gathering. The city’s visioning process takes the next step this week with brainstorming meetings tomorrow and Thursday. The meeting tomorrow is at Stephens College (the Kimball Ballroom in Lela Raney Wood Hall) and Thursday’s is at Rock Bridge High School (the Performing Arts Center). Both meetings are set for 6:30pm.

The co-chairs of the Vision Committee joined us to talk about the meetings. Dr. Jeffrey Williams and Dianne Drainer are guiding the process, but they make it clear that it’s the citizens of Columbia that are running things.

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BIG Meeting #1
Tuesday, Nov. 28 — 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Kimball Ballroom, Lela Raney Wood Hall
Stephens College — 6 North College Ave.

BIG Meeting #2
Thursday, Nov. 30 — 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Performing Arts Auditorium
Rockbridge High School — 4303 S. Providence

If you need transportation to the meetings, call (573) 874-7214 or send an email to .

After 6:00, I pulled Friday’s interview with Lance Cpl. John McClellan from the archive. My guess is that a lot of people were participating in Black Friday, so I wanted to share it with everyone who missed it.

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The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

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U.S. negotiating with Sunni insurgents in Jordan
Book on plot to kill pope fuels unease ahead of visit to Turkey
New Saudi alignment with China could change U.S. role in Mideast
‘In God We Trust’ on edge of new $1 coin

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