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Show Notes: Thursday, November 9

This was a show for political junkies: First we talked with CNN’s Lou Dobbs, author of War on the Middle Class. Dobbs believes–as I do–that the American political system has been hijacked by multinational corporations that have bought and paid for both of the major parties.

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Then Dr. Terry Smith joined us to offer his analysis of the results of Tuesday’s election. The Democrats were able to capitalize on widespread dissatisfaction–not with Iraq, but with scandals. It wasn’t the war, but Abramoff and Foley that did in the Republicans.

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Today’s Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Terror alert in Israel
US to train and equip Lebanese army
US evangelicals call on Olmert to stop gay pride parade in Jerusalem
Iran-bound N. Korean ship baffles India
‘Great Prophet’ war game concludes in Persian Gulf
Iranian forces gathered on Kurdistan border
Iraq says 150,000 killed by insurgents
From $1M bail to $0: CMU students released on own recognizance

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