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Show Notes: Tuesday, November 7

We talked for a bit about the actual process of voting today. It’s a credit to County Clerk Wendy Noren that everybody I talked to said they were through the lines at the polling places very quickly.

Our guest was author and intelligence analyst Laura Mansfield, who passed along some very interesting responses from the jihadi websites to the death sentence passed on Saddam Hussein.

As I post this, the election results are still coming in. It’s too early to call in the race between Senator Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill, but the early lead for Talent has dwindled to about 4-5 percentage points. Since it appears that Kansas City and St. Louis haven’t reported yet, it’s very possible that Missouri’s senate seat could swing to the Democrats, which is what appears to be happening in Virginia in the race between Jim Webb and Sen. George Allen.

Amendment 2 is trailing by about 5 percentage points, but again, I won’t celebrate until the counties around St. Louis and Kansas City count their votes.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Pittsburgh college students held on $1M bond
57 Iraqi police charged with torture
Violent clash in capital of Kyrgyzstan
Researchers apply for permission to create cow-human hybrids
The money behind Amendment 2
Analysts outraged over US tinkering with employment figures
‘For Sale’ is the sign of the times
New York City to let people pick their gender

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