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Show Notes: Thursday, November 2

Steve Hobbs

It was another day of political talk. We caught up with Steve Hobbs, Republican state representative from the 21st District. He was on his way back from a meeting at a supporter’s home and wisely pulled off the road while we talked. Deer mating season in mid-Missouri, you know.

Hobbs is locked in a tight race with Democratic challenger Skip Elkin, the Northern District Boone County Commissioner.

Then Dr. Terry Smith, a professor of political science at Columbia College, joined us to talk about the final week of the political season. He’s one analyst who isn’t convinced that the Democrats are going to win even the House on Tuesday, much less the Senate.

Will John Kerry’s bonehead comment swing voters back to the Republican Party? And what of the constant revelations of irregularities with electronic voting machines?

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Deadly standoff in Gaza
Judicial Watch exposes Mexican separatist school
Enterprise and Eisenhower in the Red Sea
Iran launches missiles to start new round of war games
Iraq to hold first trade event
Lawmakers want bio-defense audit
Will Daimler dump Chrysler?

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