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Show Notes: Friday, October 27

Casual Friday: First we talked with Angela Howard and Maggie Hunter, the director and star of PACE Youth Theater’s upcoming production of The Legend of Redwall Abbey. I highly recommend the series of novels by author Brian Jacques on which the musical is based. My daughter’s read all 18 of them!

Then the Columbia Daily Tribune’s video game columnist, Greg Miller, talked about the popularity of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Second Life. There must be a reason that companies like Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola, and Wal-Mart are setting up shop in virtual reality.

Finally, Kyle Elfrink of sister station ESPN Radio 1580 KTGR gave us his expert analysis of the Cardinals and Tigers games this weekend. His take: Cards win the Series tonight and Mizzou beats Oklahoma by four.

I’ll miss that game because I’ll be in St. Louis for the Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival tomorrow. In addition to Hickman and Rock Bridge, my daughter’s high school marching band, Parkway South’s Spirit of ‘76, will be on the field at the Edward Jones Dome to compete for band geek bragging rights for eastern Missouri.

Let me hear you at the Dome, Kewpie Groupies!

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Corsi leads coalition to stop North American Union
Mahmoud Abbas reportedly planning a coup
Islamic State of Iraq criticizes Bush, names emir
Saudi Arabia confirms threat to oil facilities
Iran fires up nuclear processors
Michael J. Fox: ‘Too medicated’ in campaign ads

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