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Show Notes: Tuesday, October 24

How ‘bout those Cards?

In spite of illness — not mine, producer/newsman Justin Alferman, who’s out with strep throat, the bane of broadcasters — we soldiered on. Aaron Fox filled in admirably, handling the news and the board with skill.

Patrick Crabtree

Patrick Crabtree

Patrick Crabtree, Republican candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 23rd District, stopped in for half an hour. That’s barely time to scratch the surface of the issues, I know, but at least it’s a chance to hear what a candidate thinks the key issues are. Crabtree’s opponent, Democratic incumbent Jeff Harris, will be in studio next Monday, the 30th.

Intelligence analyst Laura Mansfield called in sick, too. We’ll catch up with her later in the week. She said things are a little quiet now, anyway, which is good news.

In the second hour, we talked about the new TV ad for Claire McCaskill featuring Michael J. Fox. It’s a heart-tugger, because his Parkinsons is painfully obvious in the spot. Who doesn’t want him to be cured? And if embryonic stem cells might someday cure Michael or someone like him, shouldn’t we pursue such a cure by voting for Amendment 2?


Michael is doing what he thinks is going to help people. I believe that, because I refuse to believe that Michael J. Fox would deliberately mislead Missouri voters, much less put himself on display to manipulate our emotions.

It comes down to this: Whether you believe that embryonic stem cell research is ethical or not, Missouri voters should not create a constitutional right to clone humans, and that’s exactly what Amendment 2 would do. Read the whole text of the amendment (PDF document). Please.

The fine print on page 3 of the amendment absolutely contradicts the simple language on the ballot. It twists the definition of the verb “clone” specifically to let researchers clone humans for harvesting. And once it’s in the state constitution, there is nothing the legislature can do to restrict it.

By the way, you really should see the ad produced in response to the Michael J. Fox spot, which features Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ), Jeff Suppan, Kurt Warner, Mike Sweeney, and Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond).

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Iran condemns US naval exercises in the Persian Gulf
Abbas orders 20,000 Fatah security men to Gaza
Somalia war could involve up to 12 countries
Abkhazia begins military exercises
Chimera mice pave way for new research
Vaccine created for Spanish Flu of 1918 (Why did scientists decide to recreate the virus?)
Documents reveal North American ‘shadow government’

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