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Show Notes: Tuesday, October 17

Team Q
Tool of the barbecue trade

Championship barbecue was on the menu tonight. The winners of the Brain Injury Association’s Barbecue Contest Saturday, Steve and Jay Curry of Team Q, talked about what it takes to create world class barbecue.

Aimee Olmstead, coordinator of the contest, said $2,200 was raised for the association’s scholarship fund.

Rod Chapel, Director of the Missouri Department of Labor, and Katharine Barondeau, Director of the Division of Employment Security, joined us to talk about some good news for employers in Missouri, and some new programs for employers and employees to make it easier to access to state services.


Spicewine Iron Works
Missouri Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations
Division of Employment Security
The USTAR program home page

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Tularemia detected in Saint Louis
The North Korean nuclear gambit
Flashback (2003): ‘North Korean missile warhead found in Alaska’
UN says 30 states could soon have nuclear weapons
Scientists create element 118
Shiite vs. Sunni violence turns into open warfare
Iraq and Iran to strengthen security and intelligence ties
Pentagon to military: Mandatory anthrax vaccinations to resume
French UNIFIL commanders say they will shoot at Israeli planes

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