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They’re All In It Together

Raw Story is a good site for getting an alternate take on the news, which is important to getting a balanced view of what’s really happening in the world. However, the people who post comments about the stories at Raw Story scare the hell out of me.

Case in point: A story today about the horror of a British tourist at the cold-blooded killing of a Tibetan refugee by Chinese troops. Somehow, the left-liberal Raw Story readers–those who chose to comment on the story, anyway–managed to connect the actions of the Chinese soldiers to Republicans, the Bush administration, Wal-Mart, and even the Minutemen.

This country is in deep trouble when we’re so divided by naked partisan hatred that we start blaming the president of the United States for what happens on China’s border with Tibet. And pandering to China is a bipartisan pastime here in the U.S.; remember, it was the government of China that bankrolled Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign.

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