Show Notes: Thursday, October 5

We talked politics today with Dr. Terry Smith of Columbia College, and then Kate Iola, author of the thriller Deadstock, shared what she learned last week at the FBI’s agroterror symposium in Kansas City.

The bad news is that our nation’s food supply is very vulnerable to a bioterror attack. The good news is that our intelligence and law enforcement agencies have taken notice and are beginning to plan accordingly.

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Russia and Kyrgyzstan hold joint military drills (Russia’s not happy with our presence in its backyard)
FBI raids two spinach farms in E. coli probe (Terror, or does it just look like terror?)
ACLU gets OK to pursue PATRIOT Act lawsuit
Scientists to create “Frankenbunny” in stem cell research leap (Paging Dr. Moreau)
Congress approves $20M to celebrate victory in Iraq (What?)

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