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Show Notes: Thursday, Sept. 28

The Daily Intelligence Briefing:

Turkey invades northern Iraq
Trans-Texas Corridor becomes issue in Texas governor’s race
40 tortured bodies found in Baghdad
Georgia about to go nuclear?
China test fires nuclear fusion reactor
Tanks for the memories: Coup leaders in Thailand ban go-go dancers near troops

Intelligent women drove the program forward today: Heather Baer and Betsy Smith of the Columbia/Boone County Department of Health talked about the problem of STDs in the area. Apparently Boone County is ahead of the state and national averages for the rate of sexually transmitted disease.

Good information. Heather and Betsy made it clear that condom use, while better than unprotected sex, is still no guarantee against of total protection. Call me closed-minded, but an 85% reduction in the odds of catching HIV just ain’t good enough for me.

Then author and intelligence analyst Laura Mansfield, who’s becoming a near-regular on CNN, joined us for her weekly Mansfield Report. She told us about a new video from al-Qaeda’s #2, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, paintballing for Allah, and a message from a new group in Iraq called the “Conqueror’s Cubs”.

What? Jihadi boy scouts?

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