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Show Notes: Wednesday, Sept 13

Today was an interesting show. I ranted for a while about the media attention given to Debra LaFavre, the child molester who’s getting two days’ worth of coverage on Today. Why? Because she’s blonde and cute.

Would Matt Lauer sit down with John Mark Karr for a discussion of his sex life with underage girls? I think not.

Then we shifted gears and talked about the proposed ban on smoking in bars and restaurants in Columbia. It’s obviously another hot button issue; people hit the phones like they did last week when we talked about red light cameras.

Finally, we were joined by Feedback (secret identity: software engineer Matthew Atherton), the winner of the SciFi Channel’s reality series Who Wants to Be a Superhero?. He talked about his experiences on the show and what lies ahead.


He was a very nice guy, and I’m genuinely glad that he and Fat Momma (a guest last Wednesday) were the final two contestants on the show. I look forward to seeing the Stan Lee comic when it hits the stands.


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