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Show Notes: Thursday, Sept. 7

It was a senate showdown: The Democratic candidate for senate, Missouri State Auditor Claire McCaskill, and incumbent Republican Senator Jim Talent weighed in on energy policy, illegal immigration, national security, and Missouri’s Amendment 2.

Then we talked to Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, about an ongoing investigation in London, Ontario.

Tuesday night (Sept. 5), a HAZMAT team there responded to a Level 3 Emergency, the most serious category of threat. Police and a chemical disposal company worked through the night to remove hazardous chemicals and the radioactive material from a chemistry lab in a private home in London.

Questions abound: Who owns the lab, which had been “recently utilized”? How much radioactive material was found? Is the location of London–which sits roughly halfway between Detroit on one side and Toronto and Buffalo on the other–significant?


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