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Freedom in Egypt: OK to Be Gay As Long As You Don’t Criticize the President

Truthdig selects a couple of unconnected news items to show that Muslim Egypt is becoming a more free and open society, evidenced by the popularity of a movie featuring an overtly homosexual theme, while George Bush’s America slaps more Puritanical restrictions on broadcasters.

Since when is freedom is defined by whether homosexuality can be depicted on a movie screen? Egypt just tossed a couple of reporters in jail for a year because they “insulted the president”, and Egyptian blogger Alaa Seif al-Islam was recently released after spending six weeks in jail. His crime, for which he’s been charged but not tried, was demonstrating in support of two judges who reported electoral violations.

There’s no question that Americans aren’t as free as we’re told, and growing less free by the week — but let’s not get stupid.

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