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Happy Father’s Day

To my fellow men who have been similarly blessed with children, I wish a heartfelt Happy Father’s Day.

This is the first Father’s Day in my 44 years of life without my own dad, a realization that brings a sweet melancholy to my thoughts this morning.

He was a believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ, so I know that my father is with our heavenly father and free of the physical limitations that plagued him in his later years. Still, I’m reminded of the time and worry he invested in me, and I am thankful that we were allowed the time in this life to let each other know how much we loved and respected one another.

My dad is my hero. I hope you feel the same about yours.

And I leave you with this photo taken at a Father’s Day dance yesterday, published in today’s Columbia Missourian, which makes it clear that there are new heroes being created every day.

Father's Day dance
A young lady depends on her partner to lead.

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